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The life and times of Jrocker Sims

+Jrock Sims+
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This community is dedicated to the portrayal of Jrockers in any version of the Maxis game the Sims. Join and post your own sagas, or simply join to see the adventures of others.


1) Only post about Jrock sims, no other fandoms please. Jpop, Kpop, and any other related skins can be involved (minimally) but keep the main focus on the Jrock ones.

2) Please post only about your sims, or about Jrock skins you have found/made not listed below under links. No off topic posts please. Questions pertaining to related topics are okay though. No intro posts please, unless you are introducing your sims as well.

3) When posting about your sims, include pictures. Screencaps from the game. Its not nearly as fun to just hear about it, please include visuals for your audience. MAKE SURE TO PUT THESE BEHIND AN LJ-CUT!!!!

4) No more than 2 updates a day. Please control yourself. If something radical happens, it can wait a while. Make each update substantial. Let your Sims grow and expand.

5) If your game contains nude patches (of the anatomically correct kind... ) Or anything else visually disturbing or offensive (This means skin-wise, yaoi and any actions taken in the game are NOT offensive by our standards.) please warn outside the cut, thank you.

6) Yaoi is the norm here. If you include females sims, that is alright, but we'd rather not see "Oh, this is me in the love bed with KYO-SAMA!@##$@#" or any such interactions with females.

7) Be nice to everyone. If you simply are here to enjoy the insanity and fun of jrock sims, please comment. If you want to keep reading more, let the posters know.


Jen deadpassion

Kassie kasandara_yuy


The Sims Official site

Sites with downloadable Jrock skins:

Know of any others? Have you made your own? Please post them here for everyone.