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The life and times of Jrocker Sims [entries|friends|calendar]
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Question about hair mesh. [24 Jul 2011|06:42pm]

Anyone know where I can download this hair mesh in the picture. Or something similar to it.

The one on the left.

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Gackt by Cutiehoneylove [07 Mar 2011|10:21am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Type: Sim (Sims 2 and Nightlife)
Name: Gackt Camui
By me: Looks
Comes with: Hair mesh, normal outfit from game.
Meshes needed: None

Credits, Images and Download under cutCollapse )

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SIMS 3 [15 Jan 2011|07:07pm]

I have an ORIGINAL Copy of the sims3 up for sale! ^^

Price is 25euros plus shipping, i ship worldwide!

Drop me a comment only if u are HONESTLY interested!!!

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First post [04 Jul 2010|06:37am]

well i already have a couple of months with the sims3 and obviously i filled my city with jrockers (sadly i lost the prev city so i had to start over >_< but i didnt lose my customized sims) hehe so i will post some pics, i will try to make better versions but i dont think they´re too bad  

warning big pics
The gazette simsCollapse )
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[07 Feb 2010|02:24pm]

I am new to this group :D
I am searching for GAZETTE for Sims 3.
I searched a while now, but coulnd't find anything.
Hope someone can help me.
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One little snippet from my game [24 Jan 2010|01:23am]

I don't have custom shit for Sims 3 so.... they don't look as good as beckielric 's X sims.... but here's mine and a poll! I'll share the correct answer in one day, correct answer gets a yaoi drabble/mini fic.

Read more...Collapse )
What just happened here?

Poll #1515812 What happened - drabble/ficlet for the winner
This poll is closed.

What do you think led up to this pic?

Taiji set a fire downstairs and the fire alarm started just as hide and Yo were getting to business
hide wanted sex, Yo didn't
A burglar broke in and is stealing random things
hide implied Yo's mama was a llama
someone's bladder meter ran out

WE HAVE A WINNER!!!! akiryu!!!!

The correct answer is hide asked Yo to have sex. Yo was not interested. To say the least.
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[21 Jan 2010|03:03am]

Thought I should post a few caps of my X Japan sims in Sims 3. XD I have bunches more, but for now these are the best close-up shots I have of them.

Picspam! Also the pics are kinda big XDCollapse )

I'll try to post more if anyone's interested. ^^
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Miku Sim [19 Dec 2009|11:05pm]

I was wondering if anyone has or knows where I can find a sim of Miku from An Cafe.
Thanks in advance! :)
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[17 Dec 2009|08:25pm]

Okay, I have a question. Is there any link where i can download any Jrocker for Nightlife only? I have Sims2Deluxe so I can't download those which require the base game. Any help please!!!
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[request/Sims 3] [18 Oct 2009|10:33pm]

Has there been any Jrock Sims made for Sims 3? :x

I've tried looking in the Exchange on the Sims 3 site and can't really find anything.
If there are any, could you point me out to these?

- any member from D'espairsRay
- any member from UnsraW
- Mikaru from DIO
- Genki from VanessA

Any of those would be great! ;A;

Thank you in advance!~
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[11 Oct 2009|03:41pm]

Hey guys

Does anyone have any D'espairsRay skins for sims2 they would kindly share?

All the links Ive found so far are broken 8(
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Request? [05 Oct 2009|08:18pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Hello ^^

I'm new in this Comunity and i have a question:

It's allowed to request some Jrock Sims (for Sims 3)?

Because i really want Sims they look like the Members from Vivid (:3 most Reno and Koki)

Can someone help me to find them or create them?

If this not allowed let me no it

( Sry for my bad english, hope you understand me)

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It's me again. [06 Sep 2009|10:41pm]

Vegetables! Poisonous brick-waffles! Murder!

Maybe not murder.

In any case, here's the second installment in my epic Jrock neighborhood (Called Jrocktopia).

(Ep. 2: A New Family and Arsenic on the Rocks)
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First post! [31 Aug 2009|06:29pm]

I've been here for a while, but I haven't put aside my laziness long enough to make an actual post. Ah, well. Better late than never.

So here's the first episode in my soon-to-be-epic TS3 Jrock neighborhood.

(Ep. 1: Settling In)
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Sims 3 [13 Jun 2009|08:06pm]

I was hoping that there is stuff out there to make jrocker sims for Sims 3. Does anbody have anything yet?
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Girugämesh sims [09 Jun 2009|07:28pm]
Please help me!!! >< Im searching Girugämesh sims!
At most I want a Satoshi sim, or a ryo ><

thanks! ^_^
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[16 May 2009|10:46pm]

It's been a while.
Still haven't been able to install the game cause of my computer being an ass.
But my bro in law said he'll help me.
He works with computers and stuff.
Hopefully it'll work.
I was wondering if any of you knows of sites where I can download cool clothes?
Like Sex Pot Revenge-ish or something like that?
Please, help me!
Thanks for your time.
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In-Game Pics! Part One: Dir en Grey [29 Apr 2009|10:59pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Sooo I finally put my guys in the game. They're pretty amusing. :3


My game is really glitchy and doesn't allow me to use the game camera. All that I get is a black box... So I have to take screen caps. Forgive the sizes D:

Hot stuffCollapse )

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Advice [05 Feb 2009|04:07am]

I've had these sims. They are my favorites and I was wondering what I could do to improve them.
picsCollapse )
I was also wondering if there is a way to create facial masks easy
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Not that jrock related but.. [03 Feb 2009|01:14am]

Lately I haven't made many actual jrock artist sims, but considering the general looks of my latest sims, they could be .. maybe >>

Now, if this isn't allowed I'll remove it. The fact is that I've wanted how to make sims different heights. 'couse earlier I got sick of having to make Kyo, Yomi and other teenagers to make 'em shorter. Thanks to modthesims2: Here. I can now make them different heights. I figured it would be useful for anyone else who wants to make short jrockers~

Pictures and such under cutCollapse )
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