Maria (archelos) wrote in jrock_sim,

Not that jrock related but..

Lately I haven't made many actual jrock artist sims, but considering the general looks of my latest sims, they could be .. maybe >>

Now, if this isn't allowed I'll remove it. The fact is that I've wanted how to make sims different heights. 'couse earlier I got sick of having to make Kyo, Yomi and other teenagers to make 'em shorter. Thanks to modthesims2: Here. I can now make them different heights. I figured it would be useful for anyone else who wants to make short jrockers~

So yeah. Meet my favorite sim, his sister (who has a male body XB) and the bothersome neighbors.

From the left, starting with my favorite: Taniyama Kouhei, Neighbor 1, Taniyama Kiyoko, Neighbor 2, and Neighbor 3

Ner ner ner ner neeer

Come give youre sister (who is actually a guy, but with female interactions and voice) a huuuug

And last, Tanikin, who is for some reason wearing his pajamas says: RAWR

If it'll help this com I could make a random jrock band... and watch 'em set fire to their house~
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