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In-Game Pics! Part One: Dir en Grey

Sooo I finally put my guys in the game. They're pretty amusing. :3


My game is really glitchy and doesn't allow me to use the game camera. All that I get is a black box... So I have to take screen caps. Forgive the sizes D:

I was surprised when Kyo did this...
Ha-do Co-ah
 Doesn't he look happy? XD (Where did his EYES go?...)
Die being pretty...
"What's this? I have drumsticks?..."
Now on to the funnier pictures:
Kyo's sexy face...
Kyo and a random NPC decided to play hacky sack...
Kaoru noticed and decided he didn't like it...
He really disapproves...
Or maybe he's just constipated?
That's not gay at all...
And speaking of gay, Toshiya's got TWO limp wrists
Shinya's claws are coming out. Rawr!
And he's apparently losing his mind...
Seriously losing his mind...
 Die thinks about Shinya in the shower.
While Shinya spews hearts for .... Miyavi? Die is very upset
Shinya seems offended by the book. Die seems amused. It must be porn.
Kyo is excited by the little things in life (It's raining...)
 Die hates the rain.

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These were hilarious!!! XD Thanks for taking the time to share them. <3 (I wish I could do the Sims games in my laptop, but it keeps crashing it. T3T)
That's why I'm nervous to get a laptop D:
:D But I'm glad you like them
lol, everything die does is gay, even in a game XD
You have no idea XD
Like I once said: Die is so gay, he doesn't shit rainbows, he shits the whole pride parade!
totally late but oh my gosh, these are amazing!! i love it.
even later- thank you!
These are adorable~ xD
If I may ask, could you package your Shinya and Toshiya sims?
Mine never look like the real thing so I always start the whole family over. >.<; Please? Thank you~ Hope to see more from you soon! x3
ohai~ sorry for such a super late reply, I wasn't expecting more comments XD
But my Toshiya sim is actually from the wonderful girls over at erosimulation, so you can get him there. But I'll have to ask them for permission to package my Shinya sim, because he's got their custom skintone.
Glad you like them though!
Yeah, I read about the Toshiya one shortly after I posted.
Silly me. xD And take your time~ I already have the Shinya skin though. o.o;


8 years ago


8 years ago

I love your Miyavis hair. Do share please? :3
I got his hair from the simlandia community, actually :) It's awesome.
I was just looking at their front page. Nothing there at all o-0
All I see is a Sims2 Icon.
I fell in love with the Miyavi sims xD...
beautiful sims!!! :3...
wow, really cool sims. do u mind if i ask where i could download them?